Weight loss during Ramadan Although the month of Ramadan is a month of self-control and patience for food cravings and economics in our Islamic religion, it is also the month in which various food tables abound and the types of meals vary between meat, rice, bread, various juices, sweets, fruits and countless forms, For many people, the process of losing weight or even maintaining it becomes difficult, especially those who lose control of themselves. However, there are many models of people who were able to lose extra kilograms in their body during the month of Ramadan, so everyone can reach their desired goal The ideal weight bin E on his ability to control himself and eat it and adjust his desires. Tips for weight loss in Ramadan Starting breakfast with one and three grains, taking care to eat an individual number of grains. Dates contain simple diabetes that stimulate the feeling of satiety, and thus reduce the amount of food consumed. Avoid drinking sweetened juices full of sugar and artificial dyes, and dispense with them with water that benefits the body and does not contain any calories. Eating soup and salad as it compensates the body for its lack of fluids, and also helps to fill the stomach and speed of satiety, in addition to the richness of these dishes with vegetables that would supply the body with vitamins and minerals necessary for good health, so that the person does not eat quantities of foods that contain carbohydrates and fats. Moving on to eating the main meal prepared, but in small quantities, and making sure to use a small plate and stay away from large dishes; because it will make the person feel that the amount of food contained within the dish is small and thus will refill it. Chewing food slowly and avoiding the speed of eating and devouring food.