Rose water Rose water is usually extracted through steam distillation of rose petals, and it has a pleasant aroma, and is used as a natural alternative to perfumes rich in chemicals, as it is used in preparing cosmetic products and food products, and it also has many health benefits for the skin and body in general, [1] It is believed that the history of its use dates back to the time that preceded the establishment of the Roman Empire, where it is believed to have been part of the beauty routine of Queen Cleopatra. Or p Using a mixture with other natural materials for other purposes, such as contributing to solving the problem of acne, in this article is an illustration of the most prominent benefits of rose water for the face and skin in general. [3]
Benefits of rose water for the face Balancing the pH of the face The rose water with pH 5.5 helps to balance the pH of the face by returning it to normal, where excessive use of soap, face wash, and various care products affects the pH of the face, so the pH of it Between 4.5-6.2, and considered acidic accordingly, which promotes bacterial growth, and thus the development of some skin problems, such as acne, etc. [2] Reducing skin irritation and redness Rose water has its strong anti-inflammatory properties, which help reduce the associated irritation. For some matter Dermatitis, such as eczema and rosacea, is also used to reduce redness of the skin, improve its appearance and color, and reduce its puffiness, [1] and give it smoothness and radiance. [2] Reducing acne helps rose water remove excess oils from the face, as it discourages The growth of bacteria that cause acne, which contributes to alleviating this condition and preventing its development in the future, [2] and helps to reduce the effects and scars resulting from it. [3] Cleaning the skin and opening the pores. Rose water is a good cleanser for the face, as it can be used To remove dirt and oils sticking to it, thereby reducing the clogging of the pores, as well Once applied topically to reduce the inflammation associated with acne, its properties can also be used to heal facial wounds. [4] Facial hydration Neglecting to moisturize the facial skin increases the problems in it, such as signs of aging early, redness of the skin, and tingling sensation. Or pain, and the appearance of rashes, so rose water can be used to moisturize the skin, as this contributes to more softness, softness, and coldness. [5] where rose water has moisturizing properties that help reduce facial dryness, irritation, and can be used to cool Sunburn, [4] and a little sprinkled with To the face may help to give him immediate recovery without feeling anxious about side effects or fear of dry skin. Reduced puffiness under the eyes Puffy eyes are due to allergies, fatigue, tired eyes, or lack of sleep, and usually indicates fluid build-up In the area under the eyes, which leads to a change in color in this region, in addition to swelling of the eyes clearly due to the delicacy of the skin in it, and rose water can be used by immersing some cotton balls in it after cooling it by putting it in the refrigerator, to be then placed under the eyes To reduce bloating and feel comfortable while casting Or so by. [5] Reducing the effects of aging The exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun, the use of products rich in harsh chemicals, exposure to stress, an unhealthy lifestyle, and pollution accelerate the effects of aging. All of these factors contribute to Stimulating the formation of free radicals that harm the skin, and in contrast, the high content of antioxidants in rose water helps to reduce this by neutralizing free radicals and maintaining the health of the skin. Free at Dora the body to fight the emergence of signs of progress in age and body cells exposed to damage.