Childbirth Childbirth is the moment when the fetus comes out of the mother’s womb after its completion in an average of forty weeks, through hormonal secretions from the placenta that lead to the uterus to contract and push the fetus out through the vagina; known as natural childbirth. Natural delivery is not possible in specific cases, and surgical intervention is used to remove the fetus from the mother's womb, known as caesarean section. Caesarean section is the process of removing a fetus from the womb by an incision in the skin of the lower abdomen and uterus by the obstetrician after complete or local anesthesia of the mother.
Causes of cesarean delivery, prolonged labor hours, and the ineffectiveness of natural or artificial divorce, especially if the position of the fetus is lateral or the size of the fetus is large and the pelvis is narrow. The mother has some infectious diseases such as AIDS and herpes, or a rupture of the uterine wall. The age of the fetus has exceeded forty weeks, and the natural birth has not occurred. Maternal preeclampsia, or a placenta rupture that leads to severe bleeding that may end the life of the mother. The divorce stopped and lethargy occurred, and the mother stopped participating in the delivery process due to fatigue, which could lead to the death of the fetus in her abdomen. The procedures that must be followed after the cesarean section, expelling the gases from the body by walking after waking up from the effect of the drug with the help of another person, provided that the walk is repeated during the day and every day even for a few steps, and it is also recommended to expel the gases by drinking lukewarm boiled cumin. Avoid exercising and exposure to high temperatures such as saunas, and when showering the water should be lukewarm. The incision that the doctor makes in the skin, his pole is removed by the doctor a week after the birth, and during this period care must be taken to clean the wound and keep it dry, and it is preferred not to shower during this period, after which it is possible to shower with lukewarm water, and after completion you must dry the place of the polarity well and use the cleanser Medicines prescribed for you by the doctor. Avoid lifting heavy weights, eating lots of vegetables and fruits for fear of constipation, and avoiding tightening the abdomen. Ways to tighten the abdomen after a caesarean section after birth The abdominal skin is subjected to laxity and cracking, so it is necessary to tighten the abdomen; but do not start with it until after at least six weeks after the operation or after consulting your specialist doctor, and one of the methods that must be used to tighten the abdomen: practice Pelvic floor exercises; by lying on a gym mattress or something else comfortable for you, fold your knees inward toward the abdomen, and at the same time pull the navel in and out, and every ten seconds, spread your legs and repeat the same exercise. Do aerobics, bike riding, and treadmill walking for ten minutes a day. The duration will increase with the passage of days and your health will improve. Doing abdominal exercises, by lying on the ground with the legs spread apart, doing the leg lifting up and lowering, and repeating the same exercise with the other leg.